Your recovery is our priority!

Functional Training

"Your effort today, your strength tomorrow."

We offer functional training at CT Physical Therapy Care. It is a form of exercise to help you to cope with daily activities. When hurt, you lose your strength and healthy muscle function.

Our primary focus if hurt is to relieve our pain. When the pain goes away, we stop going further to recover. What we don't realize is, the muscles became weaker than we think. Unless we give attention, it won't return to full function. The worse is the same problem may recur in the future. CT Physical Therapy helps you to get back to your previous condition.

The main exercises that we do to regain back your normal function are:

Balance Exercises

The specific activity that you do is the one you develop skills. If you don't train your balance, you'll have difficulty in some function. Balance training is necessary for you to reach optimal health. We will guide you step by step to achieve your goal safely.

Functional training services in Queens
FT services in Queens at CT Physical Therapy Care

Gait Training

Gait training is an exercise to help you correct your walking. If you don't walk straight, you'll tend to wear and tear faster. We will check the way you walk and figure out the source of your deviation. Addressing the cause of your walking problem will help you get into shape better.

Weight Bearing

We do graded weight-bearing exercise. It is an exercise where we measure the pressure you can exert. We calculate to make sure that we don't hurt your healing tissues. Graded weight bearing helps your tissue adapt to get stronger.


Postural Training

Postural training is a part of improving your function. Bad posture leads you to physical problems. You'll have aches and pains, tiredness, and tightness. If you have the plan to exercise, one of your focus should be to correct posture. Balance physique will make you look and feel better.

What can CT Physical Therapy Care do to help?

At CT PT Care, we figure out what tissue you injured and how it affect your function.

We will:

*Ask your symptoms and your daily activities.
*Check up your range of motion and strength.
*Assess how your current problem affects your function.
*Treat your condition.
*Give the advice to help you recover fast from injury.

Our focus is your healing, and to help regain normal function.

If you have daily difficulties, get expert help. Call us right away to learn how we can help you. Our therapists have the skills to train your function. We improved and managed a lot of people who have functional difficulties in the past. We will do the same to take care of you. Our focus is to relieve your symptoms and help recover your function.

Call us now. Your recovery is our priority!