Michelle B.

Not being able to walk upright or turn my head from left to right was my reality for over a year, until I met Dr. Chester. After my microdyscectomy, I was sent to physical therapy for chronic pain in both my neck and lower back. I went to at least eight different physical therapy facilities in Queens, including the hospital’s physical therapy department, and I hated them. I would leave feeling more pain or with no relief whatsoever. Then I found CT Physical Therapy, and there is no comparison in the level of care and dedication that I’m given each and every single time I go to Dr Chester. My therapy methods are explained to me in great detail as to what plan we will use to relieve my pain that day. Sometimes I’m in tears from the chronic muscle spasms I have in my lower back due to degenerative disc disease and Dr. Chester’s myofascial release gives me instant relief. I’ve been a patient at this facility for over three years and it’s been life changing. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this facility, including the professionalism of the staff, the cleanliness of the place and equipment and especially Dr. Chester.