Tips to Treat Your Arthritis Pain

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It’s not easy to suffer from arthritis. This condition can give you a lot of pain and can cripple you. But when you’re affected, you don’t sit and do nothing. You look for a way to deal with the pains that slow you down.

There are many things that you may do that can help! But if you want a better result, work with your doctor and therapist. The skilled physical therapist can help you get stronger, more flexible, and manage your pain. Besides, they can help reduce your soreness.

While the following tips are helpful, they work best when paired with skilled treatment.

Weight Loss

Since extra weight provokes arthritis, managing weight is very important. It is one of the best ways to manage pain without pills. Physical therapists have the skill in creating exercise programs that take pressure off your joints. These exercises will also increase your metabolism and increase tolerance to pain. Besides, these are safe!

Time for New Shoes

Many people overlook the effects of footwear on arthritis of the knee. This simple fix can help relieve pressure on the weight-bearing joints. As an added bonus, the right pair of shoes makes it easier to walk or exercise without pain.

Hot & Cold

When it comes to arthritis, temperature matters. Many people discover that hot pack helps ease arthritis aches and pains. Others find that cold packs reduce swelling in the joints and relieve pain. Applying hot and cold has also been shown to provide great results. The heat has a soothing comfort, with the anti-inflammatory effects of cold. However, consult your physical therapist about the proper way to do it to prevent irritation.

Exercise Through Arthritis

It is very good to rest when you are in pain. But the right exercise on a regular basis is the best for arthritis. However, many people with arthritis are cautious to begin because they might get hurt. Physical therapists can create the right exercise for you. They can provide a long-term solution to your arthritis. In addition, they will show you proper exercises and body mechanics. Besides, they can help you choose the right support like braces, or shoes when needed.

Arthritis should not stop you from living the life you deserve. Physical therapy, a weight loss program, heat and cold, and footwear can help you manage pain for the rest of your life.

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