Know Your Insurance

We accept most of the insurances. The following are the ones we most often take.

  • All No-Fault or Car Accident Insurances
  • All Workers’ Compensation Insurances
  • Medicare
  • UnitedHealthCare
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • HealthFirst
  • MetroPlus
  • Cigna
  • 1199SEIU Benefit Fund
  • Aetna
  • PPOs
  • CASH

Please call 718-255-6229 to confirm your insurance and the benefits. We will verify if you have a deductible, copay, or reach maximum benefits.

What is deductible?

You are responsible for the deductible. This amount is what you pay first before your insurance benefit kicks in. Shall we say yours is $1000? When you go to doctors’ visits, your payment adds up until you reach that amount. Only then insurance starts to cover the expenses.

What is co-pay?

Co-pay is the amount you pay in part because your insurance doesn’t cover the total amount. It may be in percentage or amount specified by your insurance.

What is the fee for each therapy with insurance?

We have a contract with most of the insurances. They have their setup fee, which we agreed to accept. In each session, this is the amount you and your insurance payments in total. Shall we say your insurance pays $60 for each visit. They will only pay this amount for any services given. If your co-pay is $40, insurance pays only $20.

What is the fee for each therapy without insurance?

We have our fee for each service. Our regular charge is $100 for the initial check-up, and a follow-up visit is $70, depending on the services given. We also offer packages and promotions. Please call 718-255-6229 for inquiries.

We value your hard-earned money. In return, we do our best for you to have a wonderful experience.