CT Physical Therapy Care offers professional services for a variety of conditions treatable by physical therapy. No matter your ailment, we will optimize your treatment to aid in your recovery at a rate fit for your unique situation. With protective, gentle, progressive, and enhanced care options, let’s explore some of the common conditions we treat with physical therapy.


Neck conditions are among the most common reasons patients join us for physical therapy. For pulled muscles, discomfort, tension headaches, and general pain, our team can help diagnose and treat your ailments, including special recovery plans for cervical spondylosis, cervicalgia, cervical radiculopathy, and more.


Take the weight of the world off your shoulders and come in to see us for any pain or irritation in your upper torso. We treat every type of shoulder condition, including shoulder bursitis, shoulder impingements, rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder stiffness.


As you get older, you are more and more likely to experience uncomfortable back conditions that are fully treatable with adequate physical therapy. Our professionals can provide diagnosis and treatment for lower back pain, lumbar disc herniation, radiculopathy, sciatica, joint pain, and more.

Wrist & Hand

If you’ve found yourself limited by painful wrist or hand conditions, there are a variety of injuries, wares, and tweaks that you may be suffering from. Whether due to pressure, inflammation, or injury we provide physical therapy treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger issues, tendinitis, arthritis, and even fracture recovery.

Knees, Ankles, & Feet

From sports to work, and simply living daily life, knee conditions can arise at any age. Physical therapy can help with most knee-related pain including ACL injuries, runner’s knees, tendonitis, and meniscus pain or swelling. Down to your ankles and feet, therapy can also help with plantar fasciitis, heel spur, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, and Achilles tendinitis.


Most importantly, CT Physical Therapy Care also treats arthritis conditions in every part of the body. This includes post-traumatic arthritis, gout treatment, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid, and Osteoarthritis.

For more information regarding the treatment of these and other ailments through physical therapy, contact our office in Woodside, NY at 718-255-6229. We look forward to speaking with you!