Who Benefits From Therapy Modalities:

Therapy modalities are tools applied by therapists to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. We use it to treat problems affecting the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These devices are adjunct to manual therapy and exercises for faster healing. These modalities are vital in every stage to enhance your recovery. Proper use of these tools helps restore your normal function faster.

  • If you suffer from muscle strain due to injury or repetitive stress such as calf muscle tear, or muscle soreness.
  • If you hurt a ligament or joint capsules such as ankle & ACL sprain, plantar fasciitis, or rotator cuff sprain.
  • If you hurt a tendon of your shoulder, elbow, or ankle, such as shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, or Achilles tendinitis.

  • Protective Care

    We treat to prevent more damage to soft tissues. Apply cold as often as possible to reduce inflammation.

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  • Gentle Care

    We help speed up healing and recovery. We use cold to heat, TENS, and ultrasound with manual therapy & exercises.

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  • Progressive Care

    We adjunct modality to recover normal function. We apply modalities to tolerate deep manual therapy and more aggressive exercises.

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  • Enhance Care

    We help maximize your function beyond recovery. We prescribe aggressive manual therapy and training, with modalities when needed.

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  • Hot & Cold

    Hot and cold are modalities that help reduce pain and muscle spasms. These treatments speed up the healing process when appropriately applied. But avoid using extreme heat and ice directly on the skin.

    The best time to use a cold pack is 3-5 days after an injury. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation. You start using hot compress when you need to increase blood flow for better healing. It is also indicated to soften your tissue for easier manipulation.

    Hot prepares you for efficient manual therapy and exercise to enhance movement. Cold helps you to cool down after activity and reduce the effect of muscle soreness.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound therapy is the use of sound energy to treat soft tissue problems. The sound waves move the molecules to improve circulation. This treatment reduces pain and swelling after an injury.

    When the tissues are healing well, it provides deep heating to increase blood flow. The heat loosens and relaxes the muscles so you can stretch it easier.

    Ultrasound treatment enhances the effect of manual therapy and exercises. It helps you maximize the benefit of doing physical therapy. Our goal is to give you the best care for you to recover fast.

  • Electrical Stimulation

    Electrical stimulation is the use of electric energy to treat soft tissue conditions. When there is pain or injury, the muscles stop working correctly. We apply electrical stimulation to reduce pain and relieve muscle spasms.

    Our focus is to heal your condition and train your muscles to work again. This treatment helps to improve your function better. It is useful in every stage of the healing process.

    Electrical stimulation enhances your exercises and gets better results. Our goal is to optimize your recovery and get back to your healthy life.

  • Paraffin Wax Therapy

    Paraffin wax therapy is a deep heating modality using a mix of wax & oil to treat hands and feet. It helps increase circulation in the tissues and joints to reduce pain. But avoid using it with inflamed or swollen tissues.

    Our primary purpose is to increase blood flow and loosen tight tissues. This heating will enhance healing and speed up recovery.

    Paraffin wax bath helps the therapist to stretch your muscles and joints easier. This treatment, when combined with manual therapy and exercise, maximize the function of your hands and feet.

Our Experience

Therapy modalities are always part of our treatment. We make sure that pain is less before we start manual therapy and exercises.

After an injury, reducing pain and swelling is the top priority. Our focus is to prevent more complications. We use cold with electrical stimulation.

When the condition is more stable, we begin using hot compresses with ultrasound to enhance the healing process. We follow it up with light massages to loosen soft tissues then light exercises.

During the late stage of healing, we continue using heat and ultrasound to prepare the deep tissues. Treatments include myofascial & trigger point releases and functional training.

Our ultimate goal of using modalities is to speed up your recovery and live pain-free.

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