Rehab Protocols After Surgery

Rehab protocols serve as a guide for treatment after your surgery. We implement these techniques to prevent damaging the surgery but enhance recovery. Our focus is to activate your muscles but avoid moving the repaired tissue. When combined with modalities, it helps you to recover fast. Our initial goal is for you to perform your daily routine by yourself with confidence.

  • If you underwent tendon repair, we need to follow specific guidelines to prevent damage to repaired tendons while you move.
  • If you have joint replacement, we must avoid a particular motion to protect the wound and start regaining motion and strength.
  • If you have a ligament repair, there is a specific movement to follow during a certain period to ensure repair safety.

  • Protective Care

    We implement the surgeon’s prescription and follow protocols. Protect your surgery is a top priority. Control the swelling by frequent icing.

  • Gentle Care

    Continue to manage the swelling to promote healing. We activate your muscles and increase motion in a safe direction.

  • Progressive Care

    We increase the intensity of exercise but apply caution on healing tissues. Continue improving range of motion and strength.

  • Enhance Performance

    We aim to regain the normal range of motion and muscle strength. Our program is to recover your function and top condition.

  • Rotator Cuff Repair Rehab Protocol

    Rotator cuff repair rehab protocol provides the therapist a guide after surgery. We combine the treatment with the doctor’s order and the therapist’s decision to get the best result.

    Treatment after surgery is crucial. You have to protect the repair first but prevent your shoulder from freezing. The key is early movement avoiding the stress of the healing tissue.

    The proper intervention helps you to recover on time with less pain. Our goal is to recover your function and regain your active life.

  • ACL Repair Rehab Protocol

    ACL repair rehab protocol guides the therapist on the proper care after surgery. We aim to protect the graft while promoting adequate movement.

    Managing the repair needs the doctor’s advice and the therapist’s plan. Our priority is to regain full range of motion and improving strength. Avoid the activities causing pain and swelling to ensure the safety of the healing tissue.

    The proper treatment helps you to heal fast while recovering your function. Our goal is to recover your condition to enjoy your active life.

  • Total Knee Replacement Rehab Protocol

    Total knee replacement rehab protocol is the step to follow after knee surgery to recover well. The plan is to improve your function and walk with ease.

    The priority is to regain your range of motion and increase quads strength. We prescribe a gradual increase in exercises to ensure proper healing and recovery.

    The scientific way to heal and recover helps to regain your condition fast. Our goal is for you to live and enjoy your life.

  • Spinal Fusion Rehab Protocol

    Spinal fusion rehab protocol is the guide to ensure proper healing after the procedure. The doctor’s plan and the therapist’s technique helps to regain your function smoothly.

    Our focus is to avoid movement disturbing the bone graft. The priority is to protect the fragile tissue while improving your function. The program is a gradual increase in exercises based on the healing process to ensure safety.

    The proper care helps to put you back in top condition. Our goal is your return to the activities you love.

Our Experience

We manage conditions after surgery with special care. We use protocols and coordinate with the surgeon to provide the best treatment.

After surgery, we focus on protecting healing tissues but increase motion in a safe direction. We emphasize frequent icing to reduce pain and swelling. Preventing adhesions after surgery and improving movement helps you to recover timely.

The operated body part undergoes a normal healing process. We follow rehab protocols to ensure the smooth healing of your tissues. We prescribe gradual progression of exercise but avoid stressing the repaired tissue.

We believe in exerting effort to recover but not to the expense of pain. Besides, we implement our care depending on the level of your recovery.

Our utmost goal is to regain your pain-free life.

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