Three blocks from Sunnyside, NY, Physical Therapy Care is proud to offer physical therapy programs for patients experiencing a wide variety of injuries, ailments, and conditions from our Woodside office.

Manual Therapy

Treating tissue and joint problems hands-on, we provide massage and manual therapy programs for every part of the body. Join us for soft-tissue and joint mobilization, trigger point and myofascial release, as well as many other physical therapy programs.

Therapeutic Exercise

Who says physical therapy can’t be fun? Our therapeutic exercise programs will make your body stronger and allow you to enjoy yourself while doing so. To get you in your best shape, our therapeutic exercises are a critical part of most physical therapy programs, with mild to severe treatment options for muscle weakness, limited range of motion, imbalances, and similar issues.

Functional Training

CT Physical Therapy Care is also a functional training specialist, giving you all of the tools, treatment, and care necessary for your body to become its best. Our functional training physical therapy programs include improvements in gait patterns, posture, balance, agility, and more.

Therapy Modalities

If you’re looking to reduce inflation and relieve pain, therapy modalities may be necessary for one-time or ongoing treatment. Always looking for ways to help our clients, we offer hot & cold treatments, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, paraffin wax therapy, and many other advanced options.


From professional athletes to everyday people, taping treatments are great physical therapy programs for swollen tissues as well as aches, pains, and weaknesses in muscles throughout the body. We can help with bandaging, splinting, Kinesio taping, and other treatments.

Rehab After Surgery

If you have undergone surgery on your shoulder, knee, or rotator cuff, appropriate rehab is invaluable for a smooth transition with your “new” body part. Rehab protocols should be taken very seriously, and our team can assist with any program, including serious surgeries such as spinal fusion rehab.