Offering physical therapy services in Woodside, NY, CT Physical Therapy Care creates unique rehabilitation programs for all our clients. Whether you are experiencing a muscle strain, a sprained ligament, a tendon injury, or any other ailment treatable with physical therapy, our professionals will help create and implement a care program designed specifically for the severity of your condition.

Level One: Protective Care

After a severe injury or intensive surgery, we treat patients with protective care when they need it most. Protective care is meant to stop more damage from happening as a result of a severe condition, often applying the PRICE (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) method to sprains, tears, and other injuries. Time-sensitive and critical for recovery, protective care is very important when taking care of your injury.

Level Two: General Care

A step after protecting against further damage, gentle care is the second stage of the recovery process with rehabilitation for severe to moderate pains and ailments. Once you and your injuries are in a stable condition, gentle care involves advancing the healing stages of your muscles to improve through a series of pain-free exercises and routines.

Level Three: Progressive Care

Third, progressive care is the next stage of our physical therapy services for a gradual return to your best conditions. Progressive care is absolutely necessary for most injuries when attempting to regain strength and function without pain. In addition to manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, progressive care often involves functional training to regain total normality.

Level Four: Enhance Care

Whether you are experiencing mild symptoms of pain or weakness, or simply want to improve your physical conditions, our enhanced performance care can take your game to the next level, no matter what sport you are playing. For track & field athletes, team sports players, hobbyists, and professionals, physical therapy is a gateway to enhanced performance with the right program and training designed for your individual success.

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