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We all know the struggle of physical pain on some level—a stubbed toe on a coffee table or scraped knee on the sidewalk. Chronic pain, however, is an entirely different beast.

When facing an injury or chronic physical condition, your suffering is often unrelenting. Untreated physical pain can disturb your sleep, impede your professional and personal life, and make you miserable!

At CT Physical Therapy Care, we are dedicated to your rehabilitation.

As experts in physical therapy and devoted healthcare professionals, our goal is to develop and implement a program for every patient that restores function and improves your quality of life.

Perpetual visits to doctors who don’t even bother to check where it hurts before prescribing you painkillers are frustrating and, ultimately, ineffective. The therapists at our CT PT Care office in Woodside, NY will listen attentively to your complaints so we can find the source of your pain and address it directly!


We will ensure you have the knowledge, tools, and support you need to achieve a pain-free life.

CT Physical Therapy Care aims to provide you with a first-class experience every time you walk through the door. Our friendly staff will start by guiding you through our straightforward registration process, then work with you to determine the best course of action for your recovery.

We treat a wide range of conditions using productive and innovative methods to facilitate long-lasting healing. Our professionals administer physical therapy services for patients suffering from shoulder, knee & knee osteoarthritis, back, wrist/hand, and ankle/foot pain, as well as sports, work, and auto-related injuries.

If you need support for an auto accident or worker’s compensation case, CT Physical Therapy Care has you covered.

Our philosophy is to put the physical and mental well-being of our patients first. That’s why our office will guide you through the process of reporting work and auto-related injuries, write up your necessary medical documents, and refer you to the best lawyers and doctors available for your case.

Don’t wait to address your pain until it gets worse! Contact CT Physical Therapy today to start your journey to recovery with committed, expert support. Our office is conveniently located in Woodside, NY, to serve Sunnyside and its surrounding areas.

Reach out to us today to start writing your own success story and put an end to your suffering!

Our Success Stories

Debjeet S.

"This place is AMAZING"

This place is AMAZING. One of the first people Ive met in this profession that takes their job so seriously, educates the patients so well, and makes such a genuine effort to connect with clients. Try this place, you will not regret it.

Inna M.

"I am very happy with PT service"

I am very happy with PT service. Office is clean. Staff is very friendly and attentive to my needs. Dr. Chester is the best therapist providing great services. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Rita Lactaoen

“It was like magic!”

First I had a terrible right shoulder pain that I could not even move it up. I went to CT Physical Therapy seen by Dr. Chester it was great meeting with him because he explained to me very well what is the possible caused of the pain on my shoulder.

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