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Level Of Care

What does the LEVEL of CARE mean to you?

Level of Care is the approach we apply to optimize your treatment. We use this method for you to recover step by step. We want you to heal without suffering. Starting from unable to move and dependent, we apply Protective Care. As you regain your normal function, we implement Enhance Care to max out your skills.

You will undergo through Level of Care based on your need. Our goal is to see you enjoy getting active again.

  • Neck

    The neck carries your head and supports its movement. To treat neck problems, correct your posture and strengthen key muscles to counter daily stress.
  • Shoulder

    The shoulder helps your hand to function on a broader range. To correct shoulder issues, you straighten the position of the shoulder and balance muscle strength.
  • Back

    The back is the center of support in your body. To improve symptoms, you activate the core to work in unison with all the surrounding muscles.
  • Hand / Wrist

    The wrist and hand help you to grasp, grip, and manipulate things. To treat wrist & hand problems, protect it from getting irritated while making it strong.
  • Knee

    The knee carries your body and helps you to stand and walk. To improve knee function, you strengthen the quads, loosen tight tissues, and maintain joint fluid.
  • Foot & Ankle

    The ankle and foot support all your weight but maintain mobility. To treat from ankle & foot problems, support the arch and strengthen the intrinsic muscles of foot.

Did You Know?

  • Car Accident

    We specialize in taking care of no-fault cases. Our focus is to help establish your accident case and recover your pain-free life.

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  • Work Related Injury

    We specialize in handling worker’s comp cases. Our focus is to establish your case and recover your normal function to work.

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  • Sports Injury

    We specialize in treating sports injuries. Our focus is to treat your condition and prepare you back for your game.

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  • After Surgery Care

    We provide physical therapy after surgery. It is a step-by-step treatment we apply based on rehab protocols.

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Physical Therapy in Woodside NY

Google map of CT PhysicalCT Physical Therapy Care in Woodside, NY, serves clients in Woodside & Sunnyside and Queens, NY. We treat you with a scientific approach with proven results. Our focus is to manage body pain, orthopedic cases, and injuries. We specialize in taking care of injuries from a car accident, worker’s compensation, and sports. We also treat patients after surgery and follow rehab protocols for a timely recovery.

We listen to your concerns. During your recovery process, we provide treatment based on Level of Care. Regain your physical function with no pain is what we aim for. Our goal is to assist you restore your active life.