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Suffering from body pain is difficult. It disturbs your sleep, limits your work, and makes you miserable! It's even frustrating when your doctor doesn't even check where it hurts. But quick to prescribe you with painkillers. Later on, you still have the same problem plus the added side effect of meds.

CT PT Care aims to give you first class experience. First, our friendly staff will guide you to register simple and easy. Our therapists will then check you up and listen to your complaints. We will figure out the source of your pain and give the best therapy.

We write the best reports to win your case if auto or work-related. In addition, we will refer you to the best doctors and lawyers.

Call us now if you’re suffering from pain. Don’t wait until it gets worse. CT PT Care is here to help you get better. Our focus is to give the best care and see you satisfied.

Our Success Stories

Debjeet S.

"This place is AMAZING"

This place is AMAZING. One of the first people Ive met in this profession that takes their job so seriously, educates the patients so well, and makes such a genuine effort to connect with clients. Try this place, you will not regret it.

Inna M.

"I am very happy with PT service"

I am very happy with PT service. Office is clean. Staff is very friendly and attentive to my needs. Dr. Chester is the best therapist providing great services. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Rita Lactaoen

“It was like magic!”

First I had a terrible right shoulder pain that I could not even move it up. I went to CT Physical Therapy seen by Dr. Chester it was great meeting with him because he explained to me very well what is the possible caused of the pain on my shoulder.

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Is the pain disturbing your sleep?
Is it difficult for you to work and function?
Are you tired of taking pills?

If “YES”, please click request appointment or call now to see a therapist. We will figure out the source of your symptoms and treat the cause of your pain. Your recovery is important to us.

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Physical therapy for shoulder pain relief in the Queens area.

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