Our Approach

Level of Care is the approach we apply to optimize your treatment. We use this method for you to recover step by step. We want you to heal and not suffer. Starting from unable to move and dependent, we apply Protective Care. As you regain your normal function, we implement Enhance Care to max out your skills. You will undergo through Level of Care based on your need. Our goal is to see you enjoy getting active again.

Our approach depends on your symptoms and level of function:

PROTECTIVE CARE. The care you need to prevent more damage to your soft tissues by applying ice & compression and elevation of your injured limb. Avoid manual therapy. Learn More

GENTLE CARE. We method of care to prevent more tightness and adhesions. Our treatment is gentle soft tissue mobilizations with passive range of motion. Learn More

PROGRESSIVE CARE. The approach is aggressive to gradually loosen your soft tissues. Our approach is myofascial & trigger point release with stretching and joint mobilization. Learn More

ENHANCE CARE. The choice of care to optimize range of motion and muscle function. We apply aggressive stretching and joint mobilizations. Learn More

CT Physical With Level of Care To Help You Get Back On Your Feet