Who Benefits From Therapeutic Exercises:

Therapeutic exercises are body movements we prescribed as physical therapists to treat your condition. We do it to relieve your symptoms and restore your full function. Our focus is to make you stronger and correct muscle imbalance. When combined with manual therapy, it optimizes your recovery. Our ultimate goal is your return to a regular daily routine free of pain.

  • If you have a limited range of motion after an injury, such as raising the arm or bending the knee.
  • If you have muscle weakness limiting your daily active function, such as carrying and lifting objects or walking.
  • If you have a muscle imbalance, causing pain and difficulty performing your daily duties, work demands, or sports.

Method of Care

  • Protective Care

    We help prevent more damage to your soft tissues. Apply PRICE(Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate). Delay exercises.

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  • Gentle Care

    We help you start moving and increase the range of motion. We prescribe passive to light exercises and stretches.

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  • Progressive Care

    We assist in recovering your normal strength and range of motion. Our approach is a gradual increase in the intensity of exercise.

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  • Enhance Performance

    We maximize the range of motion and muscle function. Our program is intense exercises to optimize muscle strength.

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  • Range of Motion Exercise

    Range of motion exercise is body movements aimed to improve the range of a joint. This treatment is useful during the early stage of injury or surgery.

    Our purpose is to prevent the joints and tissues from getting tight and inactive. We gently regain the range motion while decreasing pain, swelling, and stiffness.

    Range of motion exercise helps you heal better while improving your function with less pain. This technique prepares you for progressive workouts and back to active life.

  • Strengthening Exercise

    Strengthening exercises are activities using weights and resistance to build energy in your muscles. We prescribe this to treat pain and correct muscle weakness after an injury or surgery.

    Our focus is to make your muscles strong to perform your daily routine better. We will create an exercise program with a gradual increase in difficulty.

    Strength training helps you heal better and recover your function without symptoms. This treatment prepares you to return to a healthy life and enjoy the things you love.

  • Flexibility Exercise

    Flexibility exercises stretch muscles and tissues to make you flexible. Our purpose is to increase your ability to move. We prescribe it, to decrease pain and lengthen muscles to maximize your function.

    The lack of regular stretching or an injury leads to tightness. Tight muscles make you stiff and weak. We need to stretch to put your movement back to normal.

    Flexibility exercise helps you heal and better recover your function. This exercise prepares you to perform your active life better.

  • Endurance Exercises

    Endurance exercises are activities that help your body to have stamina. Our purpose is for you to sustain more prolonged activities without difficulty.

    The lack of regular exercise or an injury leads to muscle weakness. This condition can result in more pain and other symptoms in muscles and joints. Later on, it will prevent you from doing your daily routine.

    Endurance exercise helps you to accomplish your daily work with ease. It also prepares you to keep up with your active life.

Our Experience

Therapeutic exercise is the center of our treatment. You need to exercise if you want to heal and recover fast. The activity we prescribe depends on the stage of healing and your level of function.

After an injury, we focus on protecting more damage to your tissues. We don’t prescribe therapeutic exercise until your condition is stable.

When there is no more risk of getting worse, we start with gentle care. “Gain without pain” is our aim. Our focus is to improve muscle strength and mobility. We apply the range of motion and light exercises with appropriate manual therapy.

When the tissues are healing well, we apply progressive care. It includes intense but gradual exercises to regain your normal function.

Our final goal is complete healing with full recovery of your active life.

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