Your health is very important to us. It is a good decision that you made a move to get expert help. We would like to thank you for choosing us to help you get better.
With your stay with us, we strive to attain the following.

1. Find out the cause of your pain.
2. Explain and help you understand your symptoms.
3. Do our best to treat your condition.

Resolving your condition requires teamwork. These are the steps you should follow to get the best out of your therapy.

1. Believe that you can get better.
2. Tell us your concerns.
3. Ask questions about your therapy so we can give proper attention.
4. Set up schedules, and give enough time for you to recover.
5. Attend to your therapy and make up missed appointments.
6. Do your home exercises!

Your recovery is our priority. We mean it. Our aim is to give our best to make you happy with our service.