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Physical Therapy For Sports Injury

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Are you looking for a physical therapy experienced in sports injury?


1. Did you twist your ankle playing sports?
2. Had your leg been hurting after you did intense exercises?
3. Do you have pain at the back of your thigh after running a lot or playing outdoors?
4. Did you twist your knee during activity?
5. Do you have pain in the elbow after intense sports activity or workout?


You don't have to wait if you'll recover. Schedule your appointment now to start getting better. We will treat you to get better fast and back to sports you love. CT Physical Therapy Care is the right place for you. Don't wait for your symptoms to worsen and persist. The earlier you get treatment, the better you recover.


How Should We Manage Sports Injury?


The first step in managing sports injury is to figure out what tissue you hurt. How the injury happened is critical in analyzing your condition. We have to know the diagnosis of your problem.


The second step is to manage the swelling. The better you manage the swelling, the faster you'll recover. It paves the pay for better healing.


Finally, you need to treat the injury and retrain your athletic function. It is critical that you'll return to your maximum to go back to sports again.


The most common sports injury we often treat are the following:


1. Sprained Ankle
2. Shin Splint
3. Sprained Knee
4. Pulled Hamstrings
5. Tennis Elbow

Physical Therapy For Sprained Ankle

An ankle sprain comes about when the ankle rolls or twists forcibly during activity. The ligaments and other soft tissues are often affected. It mostly happens during sports when foot stepped the wrong way.

Signs & Symptoms

1. Pain & tenderness to the touch.
2. Swelling and bruising.
3. Stiffness
4. Difficulty walking.
5. Unstable ankle, if severe.

Recovery Guide

1. Control the inflammation.
2. Splinting or taping.
3. Take anti-inflammatory medications.
4. Injury specific exercises based on healing time.
5. See an orthopedic doctor and physical therapist.

Sprained Ankle M
Shin Splint M

Physical Therapy For Shin Splint

Shin splint occurs when you overuse or overwork the shinbone or tibia. It leads to inflammation of the bone, tendons, and muscles of the legs.

Signs & Symptoms

1. Pain in the leg.
2. Tender and sore leg muscles and soft tissues.
3. Difficulty walking.

Recovery Guide

1. Control inflammation.
2. Rest
3. Splinting or taping.
4. Use proper footwear.
5. Modify or reduce the intensity of activities.
5. See a physical therapist for a specific plan.

Physical Therapy For Pulled Hamstring

A pulled hamstring is a strain on the muscles at the back of the thigh. It occurs during kicking, running, or overstretching of hamstrings.

Signs & Symptoms

1. Pain at the muscles in the back of the thigh.
2. Tenderness & soreness.
3. Swelling and bruising.
4. Increase pain when stretching thigh.
5. Difficulty standing and walking.

Recovery Guide

1. Control the inflammation.
2. Rest and reduce the intensity of activity.
3. Taping.
4. Injury specific exercises based on the healing process.
5. See a physical therapist for better results.

Pulled Hamstrings M
Sprained Knee M

Physical Therapy For Sprained Knee

Knee sprain is an injury to the ligaments in the knee due to forced twisting or overstretching. It is excruciating and leads to arthritis if left untreated.

Signs & Symptoms

1. Pain and soreness.
2. Swelling
3. Knee buckles or unstable.
4. Limited range of motion.
5. Unable to bear weight.
6. Difficulty in walking.

Recovery Guide

1. Control inflammation.
2. Proper diagnosis is the key to treatment.
3. Use of splinting or taping.
4. Injury specific exercises.
5. See a physical therapist.

Tennis elbow is a painful condition affecting a tendon. The damaged tissue causes pain around the outer side of the elbow. It doesn't affect those who play tennis only but can affect everyone. The symptoms of tennis elbow increase when you turn your palm upward with the elbow straight.

Signs & Symptoms

1. Pain at the outer side of the elbow to forearm.
2. Tenderness & soreness.
3. Swelling.
4. Difficulty gripping.
5. Disturb sleep.

Recovery Guide

1. Control inflammation.
2. Take the prescribed medication.
3. Taping and splinting.
4. Decrease intensity or modify the activity to avoid pain.
5. Light stretches and exercises based on the healing process.
6. See a physical therapist!

Kinesiotaping For Tennis Elbow

Why Choose CT Physical Therapy Care?

At CT PT Care, we can help you get back to action again.

We will:

*Ask you the mechanism of injury.
*Check up your movement, strength, and imbalances.
*Check the tissue suspected to be a problem.
*Treat your injury.
*Advise recovering your full function.

Our focus is your recovery, and go back to the sports you love. We will also retrain your function to help prevent injuries in the future.

If you're hurt playing sports, get expert help. We helped many people injured in physical activity in the past. Our goal is to recover your function 100 percent.

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