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Physical Therapy For Work Injury

"An Injured Worker Needs A Dedicated Therapist To Get Back To Action And Win."


Are you in need of physical therapy for worker's compensation?


1. Did you hurt yourself while at work?
2. Had you been struck by a heavy object at work?
3. Did you slip and fall at work that hurt you?
4. Did you lift something heavy damaging your spine or legs?
5. Did you pull or push heavy objects hurting your shoulders?


Why prolong your suffering from work injury? Don't worry. There's a way to solve your issue. CT Physical Therapy Care is here to help you recover and facilitate your claims. You have the right to report your injury and receive medical care. Don't wait for your symptoms to worsen. The earlier you process your case and get treatment, the better you recover.


How Should We Manage Work Injury?


The first step in managing work injury is to report the incident. The earlier you have it taken care of the better. If you didn't your manager about it, don't worry. It doesn't mean, nothing happened. Call now, and we will guide you through the process.


The second step is to get immediate medical attention. We understand that work injury is full of stress. However, you have to take care of your health first. You don't want your damage to get worse further. Our office specializes in this kind of injuries. We care.


Finally, consult the best doctors and lawyers skilled in worker's injury. We can guide you to choose the experts who care for your well being and recovery.


Bear in mind that you don't sue your employer when claiming worker's compensation. It is your right to have protection from physical harm at work. Besides, your employer has to cover you with a worker's insurance.


The most common condition in the shoulder is the following.

1. Hit By An Object
2. Slipped & Fall
3. Lifting Heavy Objects
4. Pushing & Pulling Heavy Stuff
5. Twisted & Strained a Body Part

Work Injury Hit By A Heavy Object

Getting hit by a heavy object at work can cause disabling injuries. It requires extensive treatment and time off of work to recover. The recovery depends on the type of injury and body part affected.

Workers comp pt and work injury rehab services in Queens
Workers comp pt and work injury rehab services in Queens

Work Injury Due To Slip And Falls

Slip and falls often occur at work. Some of the causes are spilled liquids, uneven flooring, lack of warning signs, cables on the floor, and more. Your injury depends on how it happened and treated based on the body part involved.

Work Injury Due To Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy objects can cause injury at work. There are several reasons why it happens. One reason is when the load is too heavy, which puts too much stress on the body. Repeated lifting can also damage the muscles and tissues little by little. Lastly, improper bending and lifting can also hurt your back and other parts of the body.

Workers comp pt and work injury rehab services in Queens
Workers comp pt and work injury rehab services in Queens

Work Injury Pushing & Pulling Heavy Objects

Pushing and pushing heavy objects at work can hurt your body. Lack of proper technique can cause a back injury, so workers must learn the proper lifting.

Work Injury Twisting

Twisting injury happens at work when you are handling, carrying, or lifting heavy objects. It may hurt your back or another body part. Treatment depends on the body part affected and gave enough time to recover to go back to work.

Workers comp pt and work injury rehab services in Queens

Why Choose CT Physical Therapy Care?

At CT PT Care, we handle many work injuries every day. We are now helping clients for more than 10 years.

We will:

*Treat your injuries and facilitate your case.
*Advise you to see urgent care if you present red flags.
*Refer you to skilled doctors taking care of workers compensation.
*Recommend experienced lawyers to handle your case better.
*Write excellent and clear reports.

Our focus is your healing and your concern to handle your case the proper way.

You deserve to get expert help. Our therapists have the skills to handle work injuries. We treated and managed a lot of injured workers in the past. Our focus is to lead you back to normal function and present a good case.

Call us now. Your recovery is our priority!