There’s nothing normal about pain that stops you from living your life. Too often, people ignore nagging aches and pains that interfere with their daily tasks, hoping they’ll eventually go away. Unfortunately, these pains eventually get worse and limit mobility and independence even further.

At CT Physical Therapy Care, we specialize in treating pain, orthopedic conditions, and injuries with advanced physical therapy methods. Visit our team of therapists in Jackson Heights when the first signs of pain strike, so we can help you manage and eliminate them and get your life back.

Physical Therapy Services in Jackson Heights

Effective physical therapy requires a lot of skill, training, and experience. The specialists at our clinic have all that and more. We use a variety of different physical therapy treatments to reduce, eliminate, and prevent pain all over the body. From wrist and arm pain to back and neck pain, knee and shoulder pain, and any other problem areas, we can help restore you to pain-free function.

Along with localized pain and ailments like arthritis and fibromyalgia, we also treat sports, auto accident, and worker’s compensation injuries, as well as post-surgical conditions. Our physical therapy programs in Jackson Heights include methods like manual therapy, functional training, therapeutic exercise, therapy modalities, and several others.

Programs and methods will be chosen specifically to optimize your recovery process and based on your concerns and conditions. We approach clients with a different level of care depending on symptoms and level of function to facilitate proper healing.

CT Physical Therapy Care is here to help you overcome your pain and start feeling like you again. For more information about our physical therapy services in Jackson Heights, get in contact with our team today!