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Kinesio Taping

Playing sports is a fun way to improve strength and endurance and facilitate a healthy lifestyle! Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without its risks.

If you're experiencing pain from a sports injury, don't wait until your symptoms get worse to do something about it. Leave your recovery in the hands of the experts at CT Physical Therapy Care for assistance. Call us today to get started with managing your condition

Pain Relief

Kinesio taping is a technique that targets various somatosensory receptors throughout your body to alleviate pain. It reduces harmful pressure on your tissue to relieve your discomfort. The physical therapists at CT PT Care will identify which tissue has been affected by your injury, determine the specific healing process and pace of that tissue, and apply kinesiology tape to work with that process.

Kinesio taping for pain releif in Queens, NY
Reduce swelling and pain with kinesio taping at CT Physical Therapy Care in Queens

Reduce Swelling

Sports injuries can often cause uncomfortable joint swelling by triggering excess fluid production and poor circulation in the tissue. The elasticity of KT facilitates lymphatic drainage by creating a microscopic sub-dermal vacuum to lift the skin away from the swollen tissue. The fluid can drain more quickly and easily with this extra space, decreasing painful inflammation.

Relax Muscles

Pain is a symptom that tells you something wrong is going on with your body. The first thing you have to do is figure out the specific tissue affected. Every tissue has its way of healing for a certain period. During the stages of healing, it should be taken care of properly. Besides, when you hurt your tissues, your most concern is take away the pain. But ignore the fact that your function slowed down. With the process of recovery, you may regain your function. It won't fully recover until you address the problem and put it back to normal function. It's a wiser option to consult an expert. Call us anytime for help!


Promote Joint Stability

In addition to reducing inflammation around your joints, KT helps improve joint stability as well! Like regular athletic tape, it provides additional support around your joints to relieve pain but has a unique elasticity that allows you to practice normal, unrestricted movement. The tape is used to create tension around your joints, causing your muscle fibers to contract and generate strength where your injury has made your body weak.

Improve Muscles Function

The experts at CT Physical Therapy offer kinesiology taping as a means of giving extra support to your muscles while allowing you to retain normal movement. Give your tired muscles a break and help restore your function to pre-injury standards with our KT technique! Kinesio taping works by re-training your muscles over time, improving range of motion, and supporting weak muscular areas.

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What can CT Physical Therapy Care do to help?

At CT PT Care, we figure out what tissue you injured and assess what taping style is best for you.

We will:

*Ask your symptoms and difficulty in function.
*Check up your movement & strength.
*Inspect the tissue suspected to be a problem.
*Treat your injured tissue.
*Give the advice to help you recover fast from injury.

Our focus is your healing, and to help prevent injuries in the future.

If you're hurt, get expert help. Call us right away to learn how we can help you. Our therapists have the skills to apply kinesio-tape. We improved and managed a lot of clients in the past. We will do the same to take care of you. Our focus is to relieve your symptoms and help recover your function.

Call us now. Your recovery is our priority!