Everybody deserves to live a life free of pain. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen, or certain conditions arise, and your body no longer feels 100%. At CT Physical Therapy Care, we’ll help you recover and rebuild your strength until you’re back to where you should be.

We offer expert physical therapy services to the people of Long Island City for neck, back, knee, hand, wrist, and many other types of pain. Our treatments are optimized and personalized based on your needs and goals.

Physical Therapy Clinic in Long Island City

The CT Physical Therapy Care team is dedicated to your healing process. Depending on where you’re at in your recovery journey, we will tailor our approach to get you to the next phase without over or underworking you. Our four types of care, based on your symptoms and level of function, include Protective Care, Gentle Care, Progressive Care, and Enhance Care. Each program is designed to help you heal without suffering, one step at a time.

Each level of physical therapy care we provide involves different therapies chosen to prevent further damage and promote healing. Some of the physical therapy treatments we offer include:

We work with clients in Long Island City suffering from a wide range of conditions, such as neck and back pain, knee pain, wrist and hand pain, ankle and foot pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, and more. Our physical therapists also have much experience working with injuries from sports, car accidents, work-related events, and post-surgery.

If you want to guarantee that your physical therapist will devote the time, attention, and care you deserve to your treatment, CT Physical Therapy Care is where you want to be. Contact our care team in Long Island City to discuss your physical therapy needs today!