Your recovery is our priority!

Manual Therapy

"Nothing is so much healing than human touch."

Manual therapy is essential in our treatment. We use hands-on skills to treat your soft tissues and joint problems. We believe that using our hands-on techniques are part of better recovery.

Our goal:

  1. Relieve your pain
  2. Relax muscle spasms
  3. Loosen tightened tissues
  4. Reduce swelling
  5. Enhance healing of injured tissues.

It is essential to figure out the source of your pain to give proper treatment. You will get better fast with manual therapy if applied correctly. We do our best to render you with the best care!

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft Tissue Mobilization

If you have injury or strain in the soft tissues, it causes pain, spasms, and loss of motion. With soft tissue technique, we may:
1. Relieve pain.
2. Reduce swelling.
3. Increase blood flow for faster healing.
4. Break tightened tissues.

Manual therapy services in Queens, NY

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points are very tender spots within the muscle fibers. It is formed after an injury or repeated strain in the muscle. It feels like a knot in the tissue. If you have this spasms, muscles feel stiff and exercising makes it ache. We treat this problem first by releasing the trigger points inside the muscles. Then, we stretch and exercise to regain normal function.

Myofascial Release

The fascia is a tissue that covers the muscles and tissues. After an injury or strain in the muscle, this tissue tightens. It chokes your tissues and deprives it of proper blood flow. It also restricts the movement of a muscle to expand. We treat this by stretching the fascia to give room for the tissues to move.


Joint Mobilization

Some fibers connect the bones to form a joint. We call it joint capsule. Injury or strain can make the capsule inflamed and shrink. It makes the joint very tight. When this problem is neglected, it makes prevents joint movement. We treat it by joint mobilization. It is a hands-on technique to stretch the capsule.

What can CT Physical Therapy Care do to help?

At CT PT Care, we figure out what tissue you injured.

We will:

*Ask you how it happened
*Check up your movement, strength, and any signs of inflammation.
*Inspect the tissue suspected to be a problem.
*Treat your injured tissue.
*Give the advice to help you recover fast from injury.

Our focus is your healing, and to help prevent injuries in the future.

We apply manual therapy to help relieve your pain and release tensions. Call us right away to learn how we can help you. Our therapists have great manual therapy skills. We improved and managed a lot of people with pain in the past. We will do the same to take care of you. Our focus is to relieve your symptoms and help recover your function.

Call us now. Your recovery is our priority!