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Physical Therapy After Surgery

"The Days I'm Fighting The Hardest"

We provide physical therapy after surgery. It is a process a therapist will lead you to get better as expected. We will improve your function step by step without hurting your tissues. Our aim is for you to recover your function and return to active life.

The first few days of your recovery is critical. It would be best if you have a physical therapist. You need to have the knowledge what to do. CT PT Care shares essential information for your recovery.

The following are the step by step guide for you to consider after surgery besides your doctor's advice.

Control Inflammation

Surgery is a corrective injury. You have to deal with an operation like you manage the injury. Controlling inflammation is important. You have to take your doctor's prescribed medications. It helps to speed up the healing process. Second, control swelling because it delays healing and prevents blood flow. The best way to counter swelling is ice, compression, and elevation.

Post-op physical therapy services by CT Physical Therapy Care in Queens
Post OP rehabilitation services in Queens, NY

Protective Stage

Protect the operated tissue. Stress or strain to the healing tissue will delay the healing process. It also means more pain to you. Be careful when taking painkillers. It masks the pain, and you'll forget you still have to protect your surgery. Ask your doctor's advice or consult a physical therapist.

Gentle Exercises

You can start doing exercises as soon as your doctor's permit. CT PT Care follows protocols that won't hurt the healing tissues. It is essential to do pain-free gentle exercises because:
1. It helps the flow of nutrients to healing tissues.
2. It helps eliminate waste materials from tissues.
3. It reactivates your nerve function.
4. It prevents more weakness & stiffness.



Independence in ADL is essential after surgery. You don't want to bother all the people around you to get better. CT PT Care teaches you how to function but nor hurting your healing tissues. The better you move, the faster you recover.

Progressive Resisted Exercises

Progressive resisted exercises after surgery follows protocol. These are increasing activities that make you stronger. It helps you to return to active life but protecting the healing tissues. You PT will prescribe an intensity depending on your level of recovery.


What can CT Physical Therapy Care do to help?

At CT PT Care, we figure out your surgery and work with your surgeon.

We will:

*Ask your symptoms.
*Check up your movement, strength, and any signs of inflammation.
*Inspect your tissues.
*Treat your surgery according to protocols.
*Give the advice to help you protect and recover fast from surgery.
*Update the surgeon of your progress!

Our focus is your healing, and to help you recover fast.

If you did surgery get expert help. Call us right away to learn how we can help you. Our therapists have the skills to treat you after surgeries. We improved and managed a lot of people after surgeries in the past. We will do the same to take care of you. Our focus is to relieve your symptoms and help recover your function.

Call us now. Your recovery is our priority!