Your recovery is our priority!

Therapeutic Exercises

"Exercise is a key to excellent health."

The best way for you to recover from pain is therapeutic exercises. It may be odd to hear, but it is. Your therapist prescribes to correct muscle imbalances and body mechanics. If your body works in harmony, it can move smoothly. If you have the energy, it is easier to deal with stress or strain. But exercises needs to be specific to what you need. If you do it properly, it will make you heal faster and return to normal life!

The focus of therapeutic exercises is to improve your function. To attain this, you have to set goal depending on what you need.

Exercise To Increase Strength

You need to do more than just what you do every day. Our daily activities are not enough to make all your muscles strong. Some movements, you don't do. It makes you weak in some aspect and leads to symptoms. You exercise these muscles to create balance.

Therapeutic exercises for pain management in Queens
Therapeutic exercises and other therapies for pain in Queens

Exercise To Increase Flexibility

If your muscles and tissues are tight, it is harder to move. Our usual activities don't stretch the muscles to make us flexible. It's just simple to stretch but you need to do it. If we neglect it will in time make us stiff & weak.

Exercise To Increase Endurance

Pain is a symptom that tells you something wrong is going on with your body. The first thing you have to do is figure out the specific tissue affected. Every tissue has its way of healing for a certain period. During the stages of healing, it should be taken care of properly. Besides, when you hurt your tissues, your most concern is take away the pain. But ignore the fact that your function slowed down. With the process of recovery, you may regain your function. It won't fully recover until you address the problem and put it back to normal function. It's a wiser option to consult an expert. Call us anytime for help!


Special Exercises

Special exercises are the exercises designed just for you. It helps to improve your function and prevent recurrence of the problem. In addition, it helps to maintain your normal function to live pain-free. We love to see the best from you and we will do our best to make you satisfied.

What can CT Physical Therapy Care do to help?

At CT PT Care, we figure out what muscles are weak that leads to symptoms.

We will:

*Ask your symptoms.
*Check up your movement, strength, and any signs of weakness.
*Test the muscles or areas suspected to be a problem.
*Prescribe special exercises.
*Give the advice to help you recover and get back to action.

Our focus is your healing, and to help prevent loss of function in the future.

If you are hurt muscles weaken, but we help you make it strong again. Call us right away to learn how we can help you. Our therapists have the skills to test your muscle strength. We improved and managed who had muscle imbalances in the past. We will do the same to take care of you. Our focus is to relieve your symptoms and help recover your function.

Call us now. Your recovery is our priority!