The Best Way To Manage Tennis Elbow

Don’t wait until your tennis elbow gets worse!


Tennis elbow is a painful condition affecting a tendon. The damaged tissue causes pain around the outer side of the elbow. It doesn’t affect those who play tennis only but can affect everyone. The symptoms of tennis elbow increase when you turn your palm upward with the elbow straight. Affected tendons in the forearm make wrist and forearm motions painful. This can limit day to day activities and frustrating.

Tennis elbow is a repetitive movement injury. The name comes from repeated actions that occur when playing tennis. In fact, any repetitive turning and twisting of the forearm can cause tennis elbow. Examples include working on heavy machines, computer jobs, and other sports. Sometimes, a direct blow to the elbow can also result in tennis elbow.


A physical therapist can help relieve pain and restore strength to the elbow, and wrist. The therapist can help you recover from tennis elbow as well as prevent injury in the future.

Your physician may prescribe medication to reduce inflammation. The PT will work with your doctor to improve your condition. The focus is to increase blood flow to promote healing and repair at first. Then help restore your movement and full function as quickly as possible.

Expect your physical therapist to:

1. Check the movements that caused your injury and help you to avoid them.
2. Identify weaknesses or joint restrictions and correct them.
3. Help reduce pain with modalities like ultrasound, cold therapy, and TENS.
4. Prescribe exercises.


Exercise is the only long term solution from tennis elbow to recover and prevent injury. Once your tendons have started to heal, you also have to strength and endurance. Your therapist will assist you in every step of the way. Treatment may include medication & cold to reduce swelling in the beginning. Kinesiotaping is also a big help in the healing process. Later on, we’ll to increase blood flow with massage and light exercises to promote healing.

If you have pain around the outer side of the elbow to your forearm, ask a therapist to check you up. You can also contact us directly, and we’ll be happy to schedule your visit right away.

We’ll design a treatment program that is specific for your needs. Don’t suffer from annoying pain and difficulty with your function. Call our office today. Our goal is to help you. We’ll be your ticket to recover fast.

All the best!
Dr. ChesterT