Acute Shoulder Pain Treatment

Sudden Shoulder Pain For No Reason

Last night you went to bed without any symptoms. But you woke up the next day with severe shoulder pain. You couldn’t raise your arm, and you noticed the swelling. In addition, doing self care becomes difficult. This pain is now making you miserable because you can’t function and do your work. So, you started massaging your shoulder, but the pain is getting worse. Now, you are desperate because even taking medicine doesn’t help.

I often hear this situation with patients who are experiencing sudden shoulder pain. But, if you don’t know how to deal with it, most likely it gets worse. So, it is beneficial to learn the scientific way a therapist treats the acute shoulder pain.

The Protective Care For Shoulder

There’s a reason why you have pain. Suppose you don’t know why then learn the basic care for it. If you have swelling and difficulty with function, the best thing to do is the protective care for shoulder. You relieve the inflammation and prevent it from getting worse.

How To Treat Acute Shoulder Pain At Home

Remember to perform PRICE, which stands for protect, rest, ice, compress, and elevate. These are the best management for acute pain that has been proven to work.

Aggressive Cold Compress

The first step is to do aggressive icing. Put an ice pack in the shoulder for fifteen minutes every one hour. Repeat it as many as you can. The swelling itself can magnify your pain and prolong your recovery. The purpose of aggressive icing is to reduce the swelling, so your tissue improves blood flow to bring oxygen and nutrient. Good circulation is needed to kick-start the healing process.

A lot of people I know massage it. It can help in many ways, but not during acute inflammation that you don’t know the reason. This form of treatment worsens your pain. It’s like rubbing a wound that makes it more inflamed. So massage is contraindicated at this stage.

Take Recommended Anti-inflammatory Medicine

The second step is to take an anti-inflammatory medicine. But follow the recommended dosage from the instructions. It will speed up the healing process. These medications are not only for pain relief but you need it to recover faster. I don’t like taking painkillers myself, but in my experience, it helps in the overall recovery. Once the acute inflammation subsides, you can start with gentle exercises to recover your function and increase tissue repair.

Avoid Movements That Worsens Shoulder Pain

 The third step is to prevent the movement that worsens the pain. Increase in symptoms indicate that you’re hurting the tissues around. Don’t force working it out. You should delay painful shoulder activity so that you may recover better. A great option is to perform a gripping exercise and flexing the elbow when tolerated. You may also perform pain-free shoulder shrugs and shoulder blade squeezes. This movements activate your muscles function and increases circulation. Besides it helps decrease the pain.

Consult A Physical Therapist

Finally, you should see an MD or a physical therapist for advice especially if the pain persists. A doctor can help figure out the cause of your condition. It is wiser to see a professional. You’ll suffer less, and it will take faster time for you to recuperate. Besides, it might get worse if you self-diagnose and treat the wrong way. Your health is important so give it a priority.

Keep Treatment Direct To The Point

Keep treatment direct to the point. Learn the concepts of treating shoulder pain during the acute stage. Knowledge helps you to perform quality self-care.

All the best.

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Although I am a physical therapist, I am not your PT. I would be honored if I were, but I am not. Reading this article does not create a therapist-patient relationship between us. This article should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a competent PT authorized to practice in your jurisdiction.